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Experiencing arthritis and rheumatism. Having problems sleeping for over 16 years. The person was receiving treatments 3 times a week for 20 min each time for the past 6 months. The Infratonic was used each time on DV17 mainly and CV6, St36, LI22, L14, GB20, GB40 and B60, B62, K3, K6. The patient does not take any sleeping pills anymore, and the pain has diminished 70%. The patient feels more alert, has more energy and is able to sleep through the whole night, feels more motion in her body and has more flexibility. I still see her once a week. It has helped her tremendously and she wants more. It is wonderful to use the Infratonic. All of my patients love it and are addicted to it.

-Nathalie Abt (Summerland, CA)

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