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Infratonic – How It Works

The Infratonic was developed out of scientific research in Beijing China which studied natural healers and found that most powerful healers were able to emit a strong low frequency sound signal from their hands. Testing in hospitals and research laboratories found that low frequency sound was indeed effective at increasing vitality, accelerating healing, and strengthening immune function.

Energy Emissions of Qigong Healers

The Infratonic was developed out of scientific research in Beijing China which studied natural healers and found that most powerful healers were able to emit a strong low frequency sound signal from their hands. Testing in hospitals and research laboratories found that low frequency sound was indeed effective at increasing vitality, accelerating healing, and strengthening immune function.

Through the process of developing more effective Infratonic Therapy devices, several stimulating hypotheses have emerged, supported by research.   They are as follows:

The original Infratonic was developed based on research measuring the energetic emissions from the hands of qigong healers in China. Initial testing of the original prototypes resulted in subjects reporting pain relief as well as accelerated recovery times. Initially the mechanism behind this phenomenon was a mystery, and the acceptance of the Infratonic came from the remarkable recoveries it catalyzed. People with long standing pain, anxiety or other ailments simply tried the Infratonic experienced remarkable relief from symptoms, becoming enthusiastic supporters, spreading the word to friends and acquaintances.

As healers and therapists from around the world were monitored and their vibration analyzed, it was found that most healers produce these signals, regardless of training, national origin, or belief system. Through this research, substantial insight was gained into the “active ingredient” and major, patented improvements were made to the technology.

Alpha Induces Cooperative Behavior

Research into the trembling of hands revealed that people who tremble in theta (4 to 8 Hz) tend to separate themselves from those around them and feel victimized. Those in Alpha (8 to 13 Hz) tend to view themselves as in service to the group, and those trembling in Beta (13-20 Hz) tend to be overloaded with logistical, or dilemma-type worries. It is hypothesized that, since our bodies are made up of billions of cells that communicate with each other, inducing signals in the frequency range of alpha will move cells from a “victimized” or an “overloaded” vibration into a state of group cooperation. This is supported in experiments in waiting rooms which show that, when the Infratonic is left running in a waiting room, patients are observed to be more cooperative.

Chaos Therapy® Calms Trembling

Research revealed that the advanced version with highly unpredictable signal within a narrow frequency range was far more effective than the early units at breaking up the Theta and Beta activity. This technology was based on the hypothesis that Vibrational patterns of disease and disruption of communication reside in the body, and can be reduced with highly unpredictable signals in an adjacent frequency range.

For more information on this, see our past Noise in the Nervous System Newsletter.

Infratonic Therapy Reduces Inflammation

The following research shows that Infratonic Therapy reduces inflammation as indicated by Infrared Thermography. In the thermographic images below, a controlled study using groups of Standardbred race horses showed that 10 and 20 minute treatments with Infratonic Therapy substantially reduced inflammation.

The following chart summarizes the results of three studies conducted a week apart, showing progressively more effective reduction in inflammation, which indicates that repeated treatments over days or weeks offer a cumulative effectiveness far greater than individual treatments.

Note that a second 20 minute treatment, 12 hours after the first treatment, provided profoundly deeper and longer lasting relief in inflammation, indicating that Infratonic therapy is cumulative, with two or more treatments providing substantially more benefit than a single treatment.

Infratonic Therapy Accelerates Muscle Cell Healing

Success in the infrared thermography research left the question of mechanism. This led to additional controlled research with groups of race horses. These studies showed that the Infratonic indeed brought about profound healing of muscles that were damaged from rigorous daily workouts.

CPK is a diagnostic enzyme present in muscle cells. When these cells get damaged or the cell wall becomes weak, and CPK leaks into the blood stream indicating muscle damage. This controlled study shows that the cell walls in muscles of the 10 horses treated with Infratonic Therapy became stronger, decreasing CPK leakage. This finding was supported with the findings that the treated horses showed reduced muscle swelling after workouts, remained healthy through heavy workouts, and ran faster times, while several in the control group became injured.

Infratonic Reduces Cellular Trauma

To explore the mechanism behind the remarkable healing of muscles of race horses, another hypothesis was developed, that trauma in cellular tissue causes abnormal secretions, such as inflammatory chemicals, and impedes production of normal secretions. This was tested by measuring the synovial fluid in the hocks of ten Standardbred horses.


The hypothesis was that constant pounding traumatized the cells in the synovial lining which, instead of producing healthy synovial fluid rich in hyaluronic acid, produced inflammatory chemicals that broke down Hyaluronic acid. It was further hypothesized that Infratonic Therapy would remove this trauma restoring normal production of HA compared to the control group. This is precisely what was found. Not only did we see a 41% net increase in HA, but also an increase in volume, viscosity, and clarity of synovial fluid. This is compelling evidence that Infratonic Therapy normalizes cellular activity in traumatized cells, discontinuing production of inflammatory chemicals and increasing production of needed healing chemicals, such as Hyaluronic Acid.

Infratonic Therapy Increases Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Production

Another mechanism that emerges from the HA study is that a fundamental mechanism of Infratonic Therapy is that it increases hyaluronic acid production throughout the body, just as was observed in the synovial tissue. HA is not just a lubricant, but rather, is a fundamental substance in the extracellular fluid that is capable of holding ionic compounds firmly in place or allowing them to pass freely, depending on how tightly it is coiled. It is known to be a fundamental ingredient in supple skin, healthy eyes, and bone, muscle, and cartilage healing.

Further, if it is the additional HA that causes the horses’ muscles to heal, it appears likely that HA plays a major role in a wide variety of body functions such as: cell wall coherence, influencing not only muscle strength, but also things like congestive heart failure and edema, wherever fluid escapes from the cell wall into the intercellular space; the sodium potassium pump that maintains necessary electrical potential in every cell, and the structure of meridians, the electrically conducting pathways in the body associated with acupuncture and acupressure.

Infratonic Therapy Normalizes Biochemical Activity for Accelerated Healing

Beyond HA, Infratonic Therapy has been shown to bring about other improvements in biochemical balance for accelerated healing. The following three research studies show this normalization in T-lymphosites, digestive activity, and antibody production respectively:


As can be seen from the above mechanisms, there are many explanations for why Infratonic Therapy is so effective and so generally applicable, and why it is so valuable to use it not only when there is pain, injury or emotional upset, but also, on a regular basis to remove trauma from cells throughout the body for optimal health and performance.

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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  1. I’m noticing there’s no vibration at all when on my body but when I lift it or turn it it vibrates a bit .. is it meant to gently vibrate when you place it on you as well ? Just wondering if mines not working well anymore… thank you

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