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Female, 43 years old, with knee pain of 3-4 weeks duration. (Balance) patient placed face down on table, 2.5 minutes above knee at 45-degree angle toward knee and 2.5 min below knee. To check if the “blockage” is gone, held over same side heel (through shoe) and observed reaction. Patient not touched with the Infratonic, nor could she see what was being done.

After the two first 2.5 minute periods, I held the unit over her heel and after 15-20 seconds the patient jumped up to standing and declared “What did you stab in my heel?” I said, “Nothing.” After we both calmed down, she related that both her knee and heel pain were gone. As this person has continued as a patient here, I have asked her periodically how her knee pain was. She said it never came back.

-Gary Jackson (Aloha, OR)

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