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Edward is a friend with surgical adhesions living in the little town of Vilcabamba, Ecuador. He wrote:


I’ve been getting good results on the surgical adhesion pain with the CHI Palm. Thanks once again for the loan.

I have a question: you mention in the pamphlet that the sound waves dissolve cellular trauma. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about whether the the sound waves could physically dissolve adhesions. After seven surgeries I’ve got a bunch.

I was in town yesterday parked by your building. It’s looking great — easily the best-looking traditional building in the pueblo.


Hi Edward,

The answer is that the chaotic alpha of the sound waves travel deep into the body and dissolve fear, which is the holding energy behind scar tissue. In the presence of fear, Hyaluronic acid (HA) molecules remain tightly coiled, holding the scar tissue in form. The chaotic sound waves dissolve rebellious cellular activities like inflammation and cause cells to start working together. These two factors result in increased hyaluronic acid production and relaxation of the tightly coiled HA molecules. Once this happens, the scar tissue can simply relax and revert to normal tissue.

So the indirect answer is yes. Also, it also causes new incisions to heal faster without scar tissue when it dissolves fear and encourages cellular cooperation.

– Richard

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