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Acute condition. While on vacation, hiked up a 3,000 ft mountain. Rough terrain, extreme climb. On the way down, sliding through volcanic sand, pressure was applied to heels. Returned home. Started playing tennis and experienced discomfort at bottom of arch near heel. Possible heel spur. Trying chiropractic, various ointments and stretches did not alleviate discomfort.

Applied Infratonic (Body)(Mind)(Spirit) 10 minutes each setting, every 2 hours when possible for 3 days. On retiring and arising, 10 minutes (Spirit) on mid-sternum. Person continued to play tennis every day during treatments. After 3 days, pain stopped. No residual left. Reduction in Advil and Wobenzym after second day. Not using any ointments now. No discomfort on arising. Back on tennis courts with good energy and pain-free. No problems stopping and starting quickly on the courts.

-Arianne Koven, ND (Cathedral City, CA)

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