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Self-treated a severe foot infection, brought on by a puncture wound from stepping barefooted on a rusty nail that also had traces of a recently sprayed herbicide on it. Extreme swelling, heat, and blood poisoning tracks on foot and spreading up anterior thigh. Initially treated with tetanus shot oral antibiotics, ice and elevation of limb. Not successful with regular medical approach – infection, swelling and septic condition of tissue continued for 24 hours plus.

I then applied the Infratonic 8 (Mind) to the top and bottom of the foot 10 min., 3 times. Within a 6-hour period, all the streaking blood poisoning tracks were gone, the swelling was reduced to approx. 1/10th of the degree prior to the application. The heat, discoloration and swelling were gone. I was able to put a shoe on again and stand all day doing massage, and elevated + iced foot just once the next day. Healing was complete four days later. By moving all the waste material out of the tissue, healing was greatly increased. Only mild pain at the puncture site the next day.

-Sharon Sandin (North Bend, WA) 

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