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I have had Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis for 38 years. In 1989 I broke my right ankle. I broke both bones going into the joint. The skin ripped open and end of the bones were exposed. I was very lucky to still have my foot.

About 5 years later, my disease had destroyed the cartilage in the ankle. I was having a great deal of pain trying to walk. Wearing an ankle brace & greatly cutting down on the amount of time I spent on my feet helped me to get through it. About 1998, I was started on the drug Enbrel. Enbrel costs about $1000 a month before insurance. This new drug was a great improvement for me. I could almost walk as much as I wanted. But after 6 months, I had to stop the Enbrel due to complications. My ankle started to hurt again.

A friend told me about the CHI Machine and I decided to try it since it had a 30-day guarantee. I started out with sweeping, then setting it on high on my ankle for 45 minutes on each side. Honestly, I did not notice any improvements by 30 days. But I decided to keep trying as my friend had had so many good results with it. So, I started leaving it on for several hours. After about 6 weeks I started noticing I could spend more time on my feet. After a few months, I was about as good as when on the Enbrel. Twice in the last couple of years my transducer has broken. While it was sent away for repair my ankle has started hurting again both times.

-Teresa Jessee (Franlin, OH)

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