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As a naturopathic physician who teaches trigger point injections and neural therapy to other naturopaths, I’m always intrigued by new techniques to relieve pain. Since October 1992, I’ve given over 1000 Infratonic treatments, and find the unit more effective than EMS in relieving pain and easier to use than ultrasound. The Infratonic requires no set-up or supervision; it can’t burn or injure the patient and is the highest quality electrical Chinese device I’ve ever seen. The Infratonic is the ideal therapy for general myalgia, and my adjunctive therapy of choice for almost every condition other than extreme calcific tendonitis.

Prior to an adjustment, using high intensity, I place the transducer on the area of maximal tenderness for 5-15 minutes. If there is any soreness from manipulation or injection, I repeat the application. Because the Infratonic promotes circulation and decreases inflammation, it’s a remarkable modality to begin the healing process. It increases the lymphatic flow in areas with acute swelling from arthritis and vasculitis, and quickly returns feeling to numbed or swollen areas. Although I use it before, during and after acupuncture treatments, I am using it more and more as a separate modality. My only treatment caveats concern treating new fractures and infants with the Infratonic. When a bone is newly injured, I recommend using the Infratonic in small doses, and advise against using high intensity to treat babies.

-Rick Marinelli, ND (Beaverton, OR)

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