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Still recovering from spinal surgery just this past May, I had three disc’s (C5/C6, C6/C7, C7/T1) removed from my neck with a two inch metal plate screwed into the vertebra. I was also suffering from a lower disc herniation (L4 and L5), four disc bulges, degenerative disc disease and arthritis, which is all due to a car accident several years ago.

My findings upon trying the Infratonic were overwhelming. Being a Ki/Qi master and a martial artist for over thirty years, I was only able to stop approximately 65% of the pain at times. The Infratonic however, after only ten minutes of use, was able to temporarily stop 95% of my pain. After using the Infratonic, not only am I pain-free for several hours, but I am also energized as well.

-Donald P. Jeffrey (New Brunswick, NJ)

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