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I am a student of Mimi Porter’s and I am studying to be an Equine Therapist. I recently received an Equitonic for my birthday. I have used it on some of my equine patients. I took my Equitonic home for Thanksgiving to show my parents. I applied the CHI Machine to everything that was hurt, sore, or irritated. My grandmother suffered a sprain in her left hand – within minutes she said the pain had ceased and she had increased flexibility. My sister had been working all day and her lower back was hurting – she used the Equintonic for about 10 minutes, and she also said her pain was relieved. My father and mother also used it.

The most amazing results, however, were on our 14-year-old Miniature Dachshund. For the past two or three months, she has had extreme pain in her “armpits.” Her activity level had significantly decreased and she would holler and whine when we picked her up. She willingly allowed me to apply the CHI Machine on her!

High for 10 minutes (5 per leg); she was good to go. She really enjoyed the treatment and now is back to her normal activity level and suffers no pain at all! She even came to me when I pulled the machine out for the second treatment the next day. It has been five days now and my parents say she is still doing great!

-Dana McMasters

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