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Dear Dr. Wayman
Just a note to tell you how good my foot has felt since my last appointment with you and your staff. Your adjustments have always been truly wonderful in making my life more comfortable and livable. The problem with my foot however, has been a continual, painful dilemma for sometime. That is, until my last visit with you. Your introduction of the Infratonic Therapeutic Massager to me has been nothing short of a miracle. Not only has the sharp pain in the ball of my foot been alleviated, but it also appears as though the swelling has been reduced.

I attribute this relief not only to your adjustments of my foot, but feel much of the credit goes to your therapy using the Infratonic. I noticed also that the stiffness I experience periodically throughout the day in my right shoulder has diminished. These two chronic problems might seem trivial to the average individual, but to one who carries mail everyday, this is no small feat. Thank you so much for your help and support, and again for the wonderful effects of the Infratonic technology.

William J. Carson, patient since 1980

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