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My neighbor, a 16 year old female, took a serious spill on gravel while traveling fast on a motorcycle. The cycle, which slipped out from under her and dumped her on the pavement, then fell on top of her, producing contusions to the hip, abdomen and left leg. Xrays showed a hairline fracture in the left tibia. She used my Infratonic for self-treatment at her home for two periods of at least two hours each (Balance). Initial results showed greatly reduced edema and pain during the first treatment in which she placed the transducer under the calf of her leg while she took a nap. After a second similar treatment at night, the young woman moved about more easily.

The effect of the Infratonic was to reduce pain, edema, anxiety about the pain, worry about the leg, and fear produced by the trauma of the accident. The leg did not swell up again and did not have the deep pain she had felt post-injury. There was a slight limp due to her overall muscular soreness which disappeared after a few days. The young woman returned to work as a lifeguard two days after the accident. The resilience of young tissue in achieving fast recovery is wonderfully multiplied by the application of Infratonic sound to produce coherence and remove interference to healing processes.

Mary Berry, DC, Richland Hills, TX

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