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Problem: Post-trauma due to auto accident. Closed head injury with profound swelling and minor fractures. Fractured right thumb & wrist. Major bruising of both knees, thighs, left shoulder & arm & upper back, profound bruising of pelvis, severe trijeminal nerve damage, and a sense of ill-being. Nerve shaft in sacral area is not intact. Using the machine on all injury sites focusing on whatever caught my attention the most at the time of treatment. Used on both sides of injury site to prevent an energy cyst. Used on both sides of my head to eliminate or lessen the intense pain. Used for many hours during awake times and slept with machine/transducer on bedside table. Go to sleep at night a lot with transducer on heart area. Especially for the sacral area the treatment allowed for me to sit in a tub for bathing. The relief was tremendous.

Results: Head pain diminishes each time machine is used. Wrist and thumb are getting better even though the fracture was diagnosed more than a year later. The burning pain from the bruising not as intense. Nerve damage is healing much faster according to the TMJ specialist and the chiropractor. They say it will take about 3 years to fully recover, if at all possible, but not to plan on 100 percent. I say I will be 100 percent. Quality of life improvements: I started using the machine about three months after the accident. I had been on narcotic pain pills just to get some sleep. After the first treatment I got so much relief that I was able to go to sleep that night without a narcotic pill. I treat all the points of pain daily and go to sleep with the machine every night. My thinking and memory has slowly improved even though I have good days and not so good days. I became optimistic the first time I used the machine – “I may actually heal!!”

-Rudene Wible (Amarillo, TX)

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