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A 23-year-old female lost control of the sedan she was driving when forced out of her lane by another vehicle. She struck the barrier at the side of the freeway and flipped over it, rolling again twice. She suffered multiple contusions and abrasions on the head, knees, thighs and arms. Treatment began one month post-MVA at the clinic and during home visits. The main consequences of the MVA were limitations in use of the right leg, which had tissue and nerve damage in three areas, and cranial/affective symptoms of fear, disorientation, intracranial sounds and visual disturbance.

An Infratonic was purchased for home use by the patient, who applied the transducer frequently to locations where there was edema, pain and restricted movement. During sleep, the transducer was applied to the neck and head on a regular basis. The patient reported a great deal of personal comfort with the use of the Infratonic, and also discovered that the low-frequency sound wave generated by the machine produced a much appreciated relaxation in the anxiety level and behavior of her young children. Clinical and home rehabilitative care continued for three months, with some residual restriction in the knee.

Emotionally, the patient has emerged very strong and applies herself to her education, her work, her children’s school activities and her family with a very positive sense of direction and support. She continues to use the Infratonic to provide relaxation and relief for herself and her family.

-Mary Berry, DC (Richland Hills, TX)

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