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My name is David G. Kolb. I’m a Shiatsu practitioner. I ‘m going to tell you how the Chaos 4 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] helped me.  I was hit front driver side by a pickup truck. I had to be cut out of my car and air lifted to the hospital. The results coming back when I was aware, were 6 cracked vertebra, sacral plate was broken, left pelvis was broken in 4 places, and left leg had nerve damage.

Dr. Bartolett was my doctor. He wanted me to be stable and talked with me the next morning. I was told a partial body type casts were needed. I said no and wanted to know what I needed to do if I could go home. I would have to lie still on my back for 3 weeks and then possible sitting in a recliner type chair. I said I could do it and wanted to go home. 3 days later left intensive care unit. My parents set up my office for me to recovery. I lay on the massage table for starters. With prayers, reiki, Shiatsu and the Chaos 4 we set out to recover in record time. We placed the Chaos 4 on CV6 on Med for the first 24 hours home. There was a lot of pain build up and released. After the first 24 hours I used Chaos 4 on CV4,CV6, GB30 and Spleen 12. Running 24 hours a day on low.

In a week and a half I was sitting in a recliner with pillows for my back. A visiting nurse was telling Dr. Bartolett of my progress. How the pain subsided, I was wiggling my toes in my left foot, and sitting in a recliner. Three weeks after the accident I was using crutches to start the process to walk. The Chaos was still running all the time I sat or laid down. Now I was doing both sides of the body with the same points. My three-week check up surprised the Doc when I went in on crutches and not pushed in on a wheel chair. X-rays he took shocked him at how fast bones were fusing together in all areas. The black and blue swollen leg was 75% retreated. He did ask what I was doing. I told him of my Chaos 4, Prayer, Reiki and no comment from him.

In 6 weeks, I was without crutches but a cane. In 8 weeks, was back seeing clients on a limited scale. In 12 weeks, was back to work fully. In the doctors words, I shouldn’t have been back to work till January 2000. He was amazed at everything. I did give him info on the Chaos 4. I still use it today in my practice and I do sleep one night a week in my office with the Chaos 4 going all night, usually on CV6 for maintenance. I now have a thriving practice and the machine has been sold to my clients who do believe in it.

-David Kolb (Danielsville, PA)

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