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The Infratonic is finally a solution for chronic pain relief! That’s how I feel when I introduce patients to the Infratonic. Many of my referrals are last resort patients for who all routine pain therapies have failed. Others have actually been burned by ultrasound. Where nothing else has worked, the Infratonic has broken the chronic pain cycle for short periods. With acute pain patients, we’ve gotten excellent, fast, long-lasting pain relief. With acute low back or neck pain, we administer the Infratonic daily, tapering to several times weekly for 4 to 8 sessions.

Using low intensity for 10 minutes to the pain site, we eventually increase to high intensity. With chronic pain, we sweep around the trauma until direct contact is tolerated. With the Infratonic, results aren’t hit or miss, irritating or dangerous as they can be with ultrasound. Patients love the Infratonic because it is so soothing. Any patient with myoligamental injury to the axil skeleton or appendicular skeleton will benefit from treatment. You can have confidence in the Infratonic’s therapeutic value and the relief it will bring your patients.

Gregory Browning, M.D., Florence, SC

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