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Soft tissue damage in shoulders and arms. About a week after purchasing my CHI machine, Illinois had a heavy snow. The lower level turned to ice. I started chopping it up. After 2 hours of this my muscles started aching. I placed the transducer next to painful areas. Treated 20 minutes (Acute). This subdued the pain but it came back stronger so I did it again. About an hour later the pain returned so bad it made me sick. I took the machine to bed and left it on continuous.

By morning I woke to find the pain gone. I had full range of motion. I spoke to my chiropractor about this. She agreed that I had soft tissue damage from repetitive chopping. This normally takes a long time to heal. Without the help of the machine, I probably would have had to take a week off work and had many visits to the chiropractor. The machine paid for itself within the first two weeks of purchase.

Pam Chochola, Lockport, IL

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