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Severe fibromyalgia, arthritis, torn ligament right ankle, back pain, herniated disk and nerve damage. Whole body pain. Emotions – used for grief, stress, meditation, healing from severe childhood abuse. I use it at least 3 times a day, ten minutes each treatment, in the evening at the area that needs the most treatment. Bottoms of feet, right ankle, below knees, pelvic, back, hands, neck and chest points. I don’t use painkillers, I use my machine. Didn’t need surgery on torn ligament or disk in back. I don’t know if I can begin to tell you how much this machine has affected my life in all areas. I have severe physical problems but am able to function without painkillers. Emotionally it is a huge asset, releasing stress and grief. It helps me to meditate much more deeply, helping me to release and heal severe childhood abuse and trauma. I am very grateful that I have it. Thank you.

Deborah Bachman, Topanga, CA

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