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Left knee, torn ACL. Reconstructive surgery, avograft (cadaver) ACL & torn medial meniscus repair. I placed the unit, using (Balance) on knee points – 3 incisions, swelling on back of knee plus bruising, 20 minutes each location. Treated 2 to 3 times per day for 2 months. I did not have to take painkillers. There was a reduction in swelling. Seemed to assist with prevention of scar tissue and bruising. The machine stopped working and I returned it for repair on May 28, 2002. I slept well while I was using the machine. I have not been using the machine for about 6 weeks. I will be interested to see if it assists in final healing of meniscus repair, getting rid of swelling and getting rid of scar tissue under kneecap that has now developed. I will use it diligently once I get it back.

-Joanna Conrad (Denver, CO)

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