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The Mechanics of New Years Resolutions

The Mechanics of New Years Resolutions

A resolution is not what you think. Many believe that resolutions are like fortune cookies, just stuff that would be nice to have, or perhaps a magical wish granted on New Years. In fact it is not something you just think up. It is a fundamental change in your Will at the deepest level of your unconscious. It is this unconscious level of you that causes the synchronicities or Murphy’s Law that shape your life.

Resolutions for 2024

The Resolution is a fundamental shift in your life priorities, usually brought on by a life-changing experience:

  • You learn you will be a mom or dad.
  • Someone you love dies suddenly.
  • You inherit or lose a bunch of money.
  • You are betrayed or abandoned.
  • An addiction leaves you in dire straits.

At these life crises our priorities can shift at a very deep level and we find we are Resolved to change our lives. It is unstoppable. Our life as it was cannot continue. It MUST change.

Can such a solid resolution be made at the New Year?

It can be made at any time. However, it requires that we examine our lives deeply, comparing our past to our desired future. If we discover that we can’t live with a future that repeats our past, we will feel substantial cognitive dissonance, internal pain, as reactive lies in our subconscious are destroyed.

The big challenge is usually the inner critic, that voice or insistent nudging from our unconscious that pushes us to repeat past mistakes. Resolutions usually fail because they conflict with the powerful unconscious programming of our inner critic. For resolutions to prevail the inner critic must be reprogrammed. This is a daunting task.

The Nessor Process with Foundational Truth Cards

The Nessor process with the Foundational Truth Cards often proves to be an effective path toward empowering the Resolution to displace the obstacles in our unconscious.

Order a set of Foundational Truth Cards and get started by shuffling the deck and choosing three cards. Read each card to your body a few times and feel for where your body responds. Stick with each card for two to three minutes. As you read a Foundational Truth again and again to an area of your body that feels uncomfortable, you will find that the feeling often shifts and moves. Continue until the feeling disappears.

This is the process of displacing a reactive lie and replacing it with a Foundational Truth. You can try repeating your chosen New Year’s Resolution and see if it evokes your reactive lie in a similar way. If so, keep focusing on the feeling as it changes and continue repeating the Resolution. The Resolution doesn’t usually address the reactive lie in a way that is direct enough to displace it. This is why we introduced the Foundational Truth Cards.

Foundational Truth Cards

Unlock the power of self-transformation with the Foundational Truth Cards (50% OFF through February)

Designed to target the root of your self-doubt and anxiety, these cards are your key to reprogramming the negative beliefs that have long overshadowed your thoughts and emotions. Each card offers a potent statement to confront and quiet your inner critic, paving the way for newfound confidence and inner peace. Embrace this journey towards a more empowered and authentic you.

CHI Palm on the Lower Lumbar

To further empower this process…

You can set your CHI Palm on the Deep Calm setting and the maximum comfortable intensity and apply it to your lower lumbar. Then start repeating your Foundational Truths to your body. Choose new cards and repeat this process each day until the Resolution takes firm control of your future. As an added bonus, this technique is often very effective for long-term relief of low back pain.

To remove unconscious blocks to your creative resilience… Save 50% on a new deck of Foundational Truth Cards. Promotion good through January & February!

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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