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Christmas Love

From Halloween Fear to Christmas Love

I was surprised to learn that, while love is associated with a smooth flow of all frequencies, different sorts of fear tend to be characterized with being stuck in specific frequency bands.

How can you convert fear to love? Most people don’t know the difference. In fact, there is very little difference. Fear is merely the density of love, or the substance of love tied into knots. From a human energy perspective, everything is made of the substance of love. Shame and guilt are complex structures of fear.

As you have undoubtedly discovered, fear feels different from love. When you are filled with love (which just means a minimal amount of the knots and congestion of fear) you feel light and optimistic. However, with fear, you feel pain, muscle tightness, anxiety, grief, shame, guilt, and a host of other things depending on how the knots are tied in the love. I know that doctors make it seem a whole lot more complicated with their ever-more sophisticated and expensive diagnostic methods.

Radiogram Showing Inflammation

In this radiogram, we see several areas of inflammation. The patient’s complaint was neck pain. Down at the bottom, we see lower pelvic inflammation which is common in most everyone. The pelvic floor is the source of will and vitality in the body. When it is twisted with fear, it is the source of pain and disease. It is the source of chronic lower pelvic inflammations in women and prostate inflammation in men. We can also see inflammation in the sacrum, which is quite common in people who have lower back pain and who repress their expression of their anger and resentment. Where people repress this expression in the voice, we also commonly see a buildup of pain and inflammation in the neck. We can see in the radiogram that, up in the neck, the site of the complaint, we see lots of inflammation in the vertebrae. The proposed medical solution is to apply radio frequency heating to the nerves to block nerve conduction to the brain. This intervention is effective in reducing neck pain in some cases.

Every kind of knot shows up differently on MRI’s, X-ray, myogram, and other imaging reports. Still, they are all just knots of fear. Whenever heavy metals, pesticides and other products of factory foods and pollution get into our cells, we feel fear, which in this case might range from mild disquiet to anxiousness or panic. Cells respond to foreign materials the way the skin responds to a splinter, with pain and inflammation.

Love Knots

Many experiences twist love into knots. News of a family member in distress, of your company downsizing, or of a new foreign war, all have a similar effect of densifying love into pain and suffering. None feel soft, expansive and smooth-flowing like love does.

The biggest cause of fear, and the simplest way to view it, is separation from Source. Einstein once said: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Nature is mostly attuned with Source. When we walk in Nature, the attunement spreads to us. Attunement is contagious. However so is fear. When we walk down a busy street, fly in an airplane with fearful passengers, or read the news, the fear spreads into us. The love tightens into knots and we start to feel uncomfortable. Our pains get worse. We drift toward the feeling that the Universe is hostile.

How can we guide ourselves back from separation and toward a faith that the Universe always supports us?

Obviously, we can start by ignoring the news and avoiding fearful and angry groups of humans. We can reduce the amount of factory food we eat, drink lots of water, and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to help flush out the toxic residue. You have probably discovered that whenever you have done this for an extended period, you have felt better and better.

CHI has tools that convert fear to love. For instance:
  • When you enter a crowded place with frazzled humans, you can switch on your CHI Stone. It immediately fills your body with tiny electromagnetic pulses that pull in your field to protect you from being flooded with other people’s fear-based emotional stuff.
  • You can apply the CHI Sun for 15 minutes each day. This attunes your DNA with source. You will immediately feel a gentle relaxation and the DNA will engage in a process of dissolving and ejecting fear based particles and information from each cell. Each time you apply your CHI Sun the purification proceeds.
  • The Balance signal of the CHI Palm will bring cells and organs from a state of fear and rebelliousness to one of teamwork and cooperation so the body comes together as a team.
  • The Deep Calm setting of the CHI Palm brings old trauma and reactive behaviors to the level of conscious awareness for easier processing of emotional baggage. However the CHI Palm is used, it’s magnetic spin brings the chakras into greater alignment with the spinal column, bringing about a gradual attunement of the whole body with higher consciousness.
  • The CHI Shield, Home and Auto Guards reduce the load of oxidative pollution. This reduces free radicals in the body, turbulence of the emotions, and congestion in the mind.

As all these forms of fear dissipate, the knots expand into love. Forgiveness reduces the density of fear. When we invite Soul or Presence into our bodies, this amplifies the process of emerging Love. Inviting Presence into the liver or kidneys or the big toe is the same as loving these parts. Inviting in Presence, renewed faith, attunement, or whatever we might call it, is probably the cause of “spontaneous remission” as the body starts a massive project to convert fear to love.

We wish you Love, Joy, and Peace this Holiday Season!
Richard Lee & the CHI Institute Staff
Inviting Presence Sets You Free

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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  1. The Chi palm and Chi sun are incredible! Miraculous really. Put it where it hurts seems to easy, but it really works. It feels like something really does let go gently without doing anything else. I’ve actually never experienced anything like it.
    Sincerely ,

  2. Good Morning Rose,

    Thank you for putting the Put-it-where-it-hurts protocol to the test. I always want to understand people’s experiences when using our products. Can you describe when “something really does let go gently”. Everyone experiences subjective changes differently. It seems you caught the process of healing or becoming whole while it was happening. Most just put the CHI Palm where it hurts and forget about it.

    I appreciate your support! – Richard

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