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All of my books and publications are offered here for free. If you are inclined to donate to support my work, feel free. However, it might be easier just to buy some of our products. This (plus an inheritance) is what has supported my work.

Infratonic Therapy Users Guide

This will probably expand your view as to the possible applications for the CHI Palm. It offers both how it works and reports from people who got excellent results for accelerated recovery.

Nessor Therapy Guide – The Nessor Remembering Project

This shows my research in developing the Nessor. It is great reading to help you get the most out of the Nessor function of the CHI Palm.

Scientific Investigations into Chinese Qi-Gong

This publication came out of the 2nd World Academic Society of Medical Qigong Meeting. It summarizes interesting research into medical Qigong and early research into the infrasonic technology.

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