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Is the Infratonic 9 safe to use?

Absolutely! The Infratonic 9 is 510(k) FDA-listed as a therapeutic massager. It is safe and effective for pain relief, promoting local circulation, and muscle relaxation.

Infratonic therapy is completely safe to use as much as you would like. This type of therapy employs sound waves to improve local circulation, similar to ultrasound treatment. However, while ultrasound uses high frequency sound which can cause deep tissue burns, Infratonic therapy uses low frequency, so there is no chance of excess heat build-up, no problem with metal plates, pins or staples, and no need for an attendant. Infratonic therapy is completely safe to use as much as you would like.

Contraindications: The only contraindications are that it should not be used within six inches of an implanted electronic device (such as a pacemaker) and should not be used on the calf of the leg if blood clots are suspected.

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