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CHI Stone

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Strong Vitality & Energetic Protection

The CHI Stone is a small biotechnology device about 1½ inches in length and ½” thick (no bigger than a small stone). When the Stone is switched on and placed within 1 inch of your body, it strengthens your electrostatic field – or your Jing field as referred to in Traditional Chinese Medicine – to provide better protection from sickness, jet lag, and emotional hazards for people when they travel.

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As we know, travel and family events are both chaotic during this time but not to worry, the CHI Stone is here. Sending tiny electrical pulses to your Jing Field, providing you an armor to other emotions and bringing you a sense of calm. If you are traveling this season, find yourself overwhelmed by holiday shopping or have a politically sided family- the CHI Stone is perfect for you!

What will the Chi Stone do for me?
  • Improved focus
  • Sense of calm
  • Longer lasting energy
  • Being less influenced by other people’s emotions
  • Being less bothered by frustrating situations
  • Protection from sickness during travel, emotional hazards (frustrated children, aggressive drivers, etc.)
  • Being protected from the harsh environment of air travel. Fly without anxiety, pain, fatigue, or post-flight exhaustion.

As with all our products, this CHI Stone provides an enhanced experience and assists you in eliminating the struggle that can come with the stress of traveling or being in crowds of any kind. This device is absolutely airplane safe and emits no radio interference.

From Nicolina…

I recently went to South America and used the Chi stone during my flight. I usually feel very groggy and exhausted after long international flights. However, after using the Chi stone I was able to hit the ground running once landed. I have since been using the Chi stone during times where I feel energetically vulnerable, it has helped me feel more alert and able to navigate emotional situations.

How does the CHI Stone do this?

The CHI Stone transmits pulses less than one-fortieth of a microsecond in length. These pulses are delivered to the energy field around the body at unpredictable times by a plasma cell inside the Stone carrying a charge of 10,000 Volts/meter. This causes the Jing (electrostatic) field of the body to densify slightly protecting from the emotions of others and loss of vitality from a harsh environment. It is a similar concept to someone lightly touching you thousands of times per second at unpredictable times. Your vital field densifies to provide you with better energetic armor. You will feel much more grounded whenever you wear the CHI stone.

How do I use the CHI Stone?

Push the small white button in the center with the soft part of your finger. One quick push of this button turns the unit on and you’ll see the light above it begin to flash every few seconds. To turn the unit off, press and hold the same button until the light flashes quickly (almost looking solid), then release the button. All flashing will end showing you that the unit is off. The button is designed for the pad of your finger. Fingernails are not very effective at turning it on and off.

When the device is on, simply put it into your pocket (or if you don’t have pockets, put securely inside your clothing as the device must be within 1 inch of your body to work properly). Wear the CHI Stone during entire length of your journey and when in crowds to feel grounded in crowds.

The CR2032 battery provides 1000 hours of operation and is simple and inexpensive to replace. Simply use your fingernail to open the swinging battery door to replace the battery. Be sure to keep it dry as water may damage electronic components. If you travel frequently, keep it in your carry on luggage and carry an extra battery.

Additional information

Weight .1875 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 3.25 × 1.75 in

1 review for CHI Stone

  1. karen meece

    I use this on auto trips and would never get on a plane without it in my pocket. This stone has proven itself time and again. I believe it even helps with my motion sickness. I highly recommend!

    • Mandi Christy

      Hello Karen,

      We are so glad you have found the CHI Stone beneficial for not only your travels but your motion sickness as well!

      -The CHI Team

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