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CHI Stone & Anxious Feelings

CHI Stone and Anxious Feelings

One of our first discoveries with the early versions of the CHI Stone was that people who used to be afraid of flying could fly freely without fear when they wore the device. This was an amazing discovery. What does it tell us about fear and anxiety? It suggests that when our vital field is incoherent and spread out, we absorb a lot of energetic stimulus from the environment around us. Thus, when the CHI Stone pulls the vital field together, makes it tight, strong, and coherent, we are no longer experiencing the fears and anxieties of those around us and find ourselves without fear.

When I discovered that some people claim that they have always felt a degree of anxiety or disquiet inside of them, it gave me an idea for an informal research study. I started asking people whether they had anxious feelings all the time. It’s an odd question but I frequently get the answer, “yes“.

Whenever I found a test subject I would ask, “Can you feel that anxiousness inside you right now?” they would typically take five or 10 seconds with their eyes closed and then look at me and say “yes”. I would then take a CHI Stone, turn it on, and put it in their hand.

After 10 seconds or so I would ask them, “Do you feel that anxious feeling in you now?” All would inevitably answer “It’s much less now” OR “not at all”. Some would take up to a minute searching for it inside of them. But somehow the vitalization of the CHI Stone would cause this feeling of disquiet to diminish.

I have thought that this anxiousness or disquiet is caused by ancestral shaming or perhaps childhood shaming, which leaves people feeling inadequate and anxious that something bad is likely to happen any minute. This is the proverbial “waiting for the other shoe to fall“ experience.

Honestly, I don’t know what causes this chronic sense of anxiousness, or why the CHI Stone causes it to diminish.  It seems there is a vast amount of reactiveness stored in our deep unconscious and instinctual memory. There is also oxidative pollution in the atmosphere which, when it gets into the body, irritates nerves and is probably responsible for some of the increased anxious feelings or irritation.

Our experiments have shown that in many cases use of the Nessor has diminished anxious feelings, often lasting for weeks and months. We included some of these Nessor signals in the new CHI Stone in hopes that we could provide a longer-term relief from anxious feelings. Research in this area is continuing.

To test the above anxiety research above with our newest CHI Stone, I asked Madisyn, our newest employee, to try it and describe what she felt.  Here’s what she wrote:

12/19/2019: CHI Stone Feedback from Madisyn …

Sometimes, if my mornings are a bit flustered or not in my set routine- my day begins with turning and knots in my stomach, foot tapping and hand shaking. This usually puts me in a state of over-thinking and stress, and hence, makes my anxiety sky rocket throughout the day.

 I walked into work this morning and Richard, the inventor, came to me and asked, “do you get anxiety?” Of course, Richard, did not know that this morning was full of flusters and anxiety. I replied “yes, sometimes. I can feel it in my stomach, when my head and my heart are arguing; my stomach is the one to normally react first.” He then passes me the Chi Stone. After around the first minute mark, he asks, “How does it feel?” Not much of a change compared to a minute ago but more sense of calm. My hands are less shaky than before. Ten minutes pass: my stomach is not knotted like before; my foot stops tapping, and a relief of calmness lingers in the space around me. After nearly 3 hours with the device, including an hour-long counseling session (which tends to put me in my head); my hands are not shaking at all, my stomach is unknotted, and I am calm.

I almost describe this sense of calmness with the CHI Stone as a blanket or bubble around me. Allowing these negative emotions to diminish and replacing them with emotions of clarity and calmness. 

Have you tried our CHI Stone, when feeling anxious, how did it help you? Engage with our community , share your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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