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Why Does Disillusionment Hurt So Much

Why does Disillusionment Hurt So Much?

We have all had someone betray us or abandon us, whether family, friends, at school or at work. And it hurts. We trusted them to meet their promises, or at least our assumptions of their promises. And they failed. We learn that we would be wise to never trust them again. How often have you made the same mistake of misplaced trust over and over again? It is easier to maintain our illusions than to accept that we can no longer trust them. Illusions can be understood as “Artificial Intelligence”. They bias our thinking and largely block our intuition.

While the pain of disillusionment (seeing through the lie or deception and accepting responsibility for believing a fiction) is swift, the pain that often results from denial can be much longer lasting and more devastating. A marriage, employment, or any relationship that denies the partially hidden lies or deceit slowly eats away at us even though we pretend not to notice, or not to be hurt.

An even more insidious form of debilitating illusions is beliefs we are taught by society that don’t match the world we live in. We are often inundated with theories, explanations, experts, and narratives, most of which are circulated so as to influence our behavior, and very few of which are entirely consistent with the real world. Religions, politicians, doctors, sales people and corporations all “shape the narrative.”

The reason seeing through the lies is so painful is that, while our intellectual brain can easily absorb and run with any fabricated narrative, our heart is not attuned with words, and is attuned with the real world. Our own hearts see through the lies we tell ourselves. Arguments between the heart and the analytical mind can cause inflammation in nerves and other tissues and sometimes, debilitating pain. (Fibromyalgia is a good example.)

Every lie or misleading partial truth we believe, whether in relationships, companies, or communities is Artificial Intelligence, an implanted lie to control our behavior. The best thing about disillusionment, and especially quick disillusionment, is that our understanding gets closer to matching the real world around us, bringing us closer to Joy, Love, and Bliss.

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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  1. What you describe is a Cognitive Dissonance that’s ubiquitous in our society right now. It’s difficult to help people out of this quagmire due to the strength of their emotional attachment to illogical information. It could be that the 20th century perfection of corporate advertising psychobabble has placed a blind spot on our capacity for discernment and a weakening of an already strained ability to be responsible for our thoughts and actions. Perhaps it’s time for some ‘Vipasana’ – a non-judgmental, self observation that peels back the veil of delusion to reveal the truth about our perceptions. We’ll see. 🙏

  2. Dear Dr. Antone,

    Thanks for your thoughtful response. Like you, I have been looking at the extreme cognitive dissonance induced in our bodies by the media and have been working on methods to soften it up to facilitate sorting through the conflicts which are implanted in us at the unconscious level.

    I attended a “San Pedro Ceremony” in Ecuador with the intention of observing as a scientist, but wound up taking a dose of about ¼ what the participants were taking. I was amazed at how the cognitive dissonance and information overload within us became palpable, and often was ejected from our bodies as globs of unnecessary consciousness, perhaps like excreting cognitive dissonance. While it seemed effective in cases, it was rather an uncomfortable process.

    Since then, we have been working on ways to employ Infratonic and other methods to facilitate a similar release of cognitive dissonance comfortably. Some are still in beta testing. The Deep Calm setting of the CHI Palm applied to the sacrum in conjunction with vipassana, neurofeedback, or talking about the conflicting nonsense that lives within us is the most effective we have released so far. There is now a huge and growing need around the world, which is intensifying with the fear-based vaccine hype. Sorting out the cognitive dissonance within us is probably the world’s most pressing “real” issue today. Unfortunately, it is not measurable medically, so is not a medical condition. We view freeing ourselves from Cognitive Dissonance as one of the keys to (our slogan) Enhance Your Human Experience.

    Sincere thanks for your response,


  3. Thank you very much for the insight and the response , it all makes a lot of sense , our emotions creat a lot of pend up energy that are not healthy and mess up our harmonic residence , out of tune !

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