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My small blue-gray cat, Lidia, got in a fight with another cat. A huge abscess the size of a golf ball, developed behind her ear. She always sleeps on my chest. I used the CHI machine (Chaos model) [Latest Version is CHI Palm] on Med. setting every night, either directly on her if she let me or on me near her body, on “Continuous”. Probably used it about an hour each night.

Within a few days the abscess started getting smaller. I didn’t have to take her to a veterinarian, no antibiotics. It got small enough so she could move her head to lick at it. It completely resolved in about 10 days! (At first the energy of the “thumping” was too intense for her. I used it near her for about 2 days, then she let me put it on her after that.)

Madhuri Cawley, Glendale, AZ

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