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Problem: Patient had a “frozen” right shoulder. Could not lift arm sideways or forward more than 30 degrees even with the other hand lifting it.

Treatment: Treatment is now in its 6th week. Placed transducer just below  muscles (on the front) 10 mins on (Balance) setting, 20 minutes on (Deep Calm). Twice a week for 6 weeks. Have also used foot reflexology once a week for 30 minutes.

Quality of Life Improvements: After 2 weeks, patient was able to lift arm about 45 degrees; 60 degrees after 4 weeks. Now, after 6 weeks, she is able to lift arm almost upright (front) with the help of the other hand. Sideways motion is still limited to between 60-70 degrees. Will continue treatment for another 2 weeks.

-Timothy S. Wong (Tulsa, OK)

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