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Fibromyalgia Syndrome, muscle pain and currently a bad (six weeks long) case of the flu or a cold. Even while using Albuterol, I am experiencing shortness of breath and a feeling of constriction around my neck. I have a history of bronchitis and asthma. I have been using my Infratonic for the cold (Balance) on my chest, throat and sides of my neck as well as on my sinus areas, for periods of 20-30 minutes.

Use of Infratonic helps to relax my bronchia and chest muscles and allows me to breathe comfortably. I feel relaxed after using my machine which helps me get to sleep at night and I have been able to discontinue pain medication for my fibromyalgia syndrome. I am happy about that as I worried about side effects from long term, high dose Tylenol usage.

-Billie Cook (Oak Harbor, WA)

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