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My dad is a diabetic and has had chronic leg and foot pain and has tried all kinds of remedies to help get some relief. I went to a local fabric and craft store and purchased a belt kit and strap the Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] on the sole of his feet twice a day for a wonderful massage treatment, it helps with the circulation in his feet and keeps him from having the pain. He also uses it on his legs and knees for a full treatment each day. He reported it helped immediately even after the first time. I like to use it on my feet also because it just feels wonderful and at the end of busy day it helps you relax and just melts tensions away. I use the belt kit on my dad’s feet because he wears socks all the time, but I purchased a velcro strap to use on my feet because I use it barefooted. I have also used the Infratonic 9 for indigestion and sciatic pain. It is a great product and worth every penny!  5 out of 5 stars.

SG Bodine

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