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Ultrasound and hydrotherapy were my main modes of treatment before the Infratonic. I also tried magnetic therapy, but nothing has even come close to the results we see with the Infratonic. I use it on bursitis, faciaitis tendonitis post-operative to keep swelling down. I treat many patients with heel bursitis, and I find the Infratonic very effective. I still inject, I still strap, and I still prescribe orthodics, but as you know, the injection relief is short term. The Infratonic gives lasting results. I use it like this: first I inject the patient. Then, I put the Infratonic on the area for 15 to 20 minutes. I repeat the treatment every other day for three to five visits. At that time, I give them their orthodic and they’re feeling great!

It doesn’t seem to work for everyone, but I’d say at least 96% of my patients who refuse to be injected improve with the Infratonic alone. It definitely reduces the number of injections. On my post-surgical patients, I place the transducer above the point of surgery. I treat for ten minutes with the Infratonic set on high. I place a towel on the leg, position the transducer and wrap the towel around the leg (over the transducer) to hold the transducer in place. It is very effective at keeping the swelling down.

-Paul Cachat, DPM (Lakewood, OH)

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