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I am sending this in regard to a rather unique experience I had using the Infratonic 8.0. I came down with the flu during the first week of February, and I recovered in two days. About ten days later, I felt the same symptoms, although somewhat milder, and this time it took about four days before they were gone. Another week went by and I started having the same thing all over again. I have also suffered from chronic myofascial pain for about 13 years, and in addition to the flu symptoms, I was having back pain, so I decided to use the Infratonic 8.0 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] along the spine on “Mind” and then treated the chakra centers for a couple minutes each with “Spirit.”

What followed was totally unexpected. I began to erupt in hives, first on my hips, then gradually over the extremities, torso, neck and head. I also had them on my hands and feet. Four days passed before they started to dissipate. A visit to my physician revealed that I had a “viral syndrome,” but nothing specific. The hives (and the awful itching) gave way to joint pain in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees which lasted off and on for about two weeks. There were days when I was unable to lift my arms above my head to put my shirt on. A friend of mine who is a homeopathic consultant discovered that the virus I had was from 1988. I had three surgeries that year, so it may have entered then and lay dormant.

I continued to treat myself with the Infratonic; by the end of March I felt better. I believe I just underwent some sort of healing crisis, and although I can’t prove it, my gut feeling is that the Infratonic 8.0 was the catalyst. Perhaps it “woke up” my immune system or helped resolve some emotional trauma on an etheric level. In any case, my body has responded much more positively to any stretching or trigger point work now than it ever had before. I am using it with patients (I am a myofascial therapist), and they have responded favorably so far. It will be interesting to see how the long-term results turn out. Thanks for your product. I truly believe it has been instrumental in helping resolve a long-standing problem I never even knew I had!

-Tim Juliano, RN (Warren, PA)

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