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Let me take this opportunity to tell you how much the Infratonic QGM machine has helped me with my ongoing disabilities such as arthritis and diabetes 1. For years I have been waking up with pains in my legs and feet, especially my toes. I would go to acupuncture and the treatments would help immediately. In January of this year I started to have severe pain, and this time my treatments did not give me relief.

In February I heard about your QGM machine and decided to purchase it. Thanks to your machine and in conjunction with my acupuncture treatments I have had success. As soon as I get a twinge of pain, I apply the QGM and I’m ready to go walking. Applications at home for ten-minute intervals during the day, with the sweeping technique as suggested for 10 minutes. Now all I find necessary is to treat myself for 5 minutes less frequently and I receive the same results.

-Theresa Magnus

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