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I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C at age 75, and now I am 80 years old. I started using the Infratonic QGM [Latest Version is CHI Palm] one year ago, because I could not take any medication treatment due to my age and I was feeling bloated and losing my appetite. On ultrasound it showed my liver and spleen to be enlarged, and my Alpha Pheta protein level was 650.

I slept with the machine on “Low” over my liver, and moving it to my spleen and right away I started belching, releasing gas. I started to digest my food much easier, and found comfort with the machine. Two months later the ultrasound showed no more enlargement as I continued to sleep with it on “Low.” Now, a year later my Alpha Pheta protein level has dropped to 125. I have gained 12 lbs., now weighing 97 lbs. and having so much energy, where I do not need to take naps and feel exhausted any longer.

I owe my health to the Infratonic QGM, and now celebrating my 80th year of health. My doctors still do not understand why my Alpha Pheta protein level dropped, indicative of a tumor, but I know why! I have also used the Infratonic QGM for leg cramps, headaches, muscle pain and other discomforts, and have found such great relief. Thank you so much for creating this Infratonic QGM……it has saved my life!

-Anna Methot (San Diego, CA)

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