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My horse and I have used the Infratonic consistently for 2 years. Luna, my 8-year-old mare who competes in Endurance with a very heavy competition schedule, has crooked front legs and weak front hooves (a lot of stress to this area). I work as a horseshoer and compete in Endurance with 2 horses; heavy physical demands daily. I treat Luna 3 times a week on acupressure points throughout whole body, sweeping large muscles on the (Deep Calm) setting.

I treat myself daily, 2 hours in evening from head to toe (especially lower back and legs). Luna – with rides every 2-3 weeks including multi-days has consistently finished in top 10, winning many rides and in best condition with no pain medication after any rides. I have maintained a grueling physical schedule with only occasional Advil. After every treatment at night, I sleep well and wake refreshed and ready to go.

-Elfta Hilzman (Ramona, CA)

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