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I became afflicted with Bell’s Palsy. Bell’s Palsy, although not physically painful, is a disease that progresses rapidly. The nerves and muscles on the right side of my face were affected within 12 hours of the onset of the disease. My mouth began to droop and twist. Within 18 hours, I began to lose the reflex ability in my right eye. I was told to prepare myself for a long recovery and also told that it was possible that I may never regain complete muscle control. I was devastated, and by then emotionally wrought. Mentally, I tried not to give into the disease, but physically, it had just come in and taken over.

I was given the Infratonic to use. For the first three days I used the machine exclusively at the nape of my neck, directly on my spine. Slowly, the swelling seemed to be disappearing. I used the machine approximately two and a half to three hours a day, off and on throughout the day. I then began to use the machine directly on the affected areas of my face, on my earlobe and on the soles of my feet. After about nine days of usage, I began to get involuntary muscle twitches around my mouth. I was elated! I continued to use the machine in this manner for another 2-3 weeks. Today, a little over one month later, I am most happy to say that I am fully recovered.

-L. M. (Sag Harbor, NY)

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