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I scraped the top of my left big toe. I treated it and waited for it to heal. To my dismay it did not, and I finally noticed it was going deeper into the toe! Being a diabetic, with the foot problems of diabetics, I started to wonder about gangrene, which is a worry as I am aware American medicine treats it by amputation.

My Infratonic machine, I keep at my easy chair ready to use, the thought occurred to me, “what would that machine do?” So I applied it for twenty minutes, and could note a slight difference on the toe. So I applied it for one and a half hours, and noted a definite improvement. The next day, I used the machine most of the day. In 24 hours the wound was gone, except for a small scab. You can appreciate my happiness at this turn of events.

-A. G. (Chula Vista, CA)

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