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Due to a fall, torn tendon & ligament in shoulder. This caused intense pain all the time. I couldn’t use my hand or arm. Doctor told me that if steroid shots didn’t work, the only alternative was an operation to repair damage. X-rays showed torn tendon. Corticosteroid shot was given. One week after fall, no change in condition. In next 6 weeks, started using QGM [Latest Version is CHI Palm] , 60 days after fall, twice a day for 20 minutes. Pain lessened after 4 sessions. I had 90 to 95% of use of arm after 30 days. When any residual pain starts, a couple of 20 minute sessions gives me complete relief. I can use my arm (right) again, and I know that if the pain returns I can banish it with a couple of treatments.

-Paul O’Hop (Port Hueneme, CA)

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