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Auto accident – hit from the rear with significant impact. I purchased my QGM [Latest Version is CHI Palm] after being treated by the chiropractor’s office. I had resigned myself to “This is how I have to live now,” when I got a call asking me to try the Infratonic 4. With the 1st treatment an amazing thing happened – I had pinched nerve pain in my lower lumbar disappear! But in addition, at the end of the treatment, I could think clearly, colors were brighter (I have MS too), and I felt like I could make decisions clearly. It changed my life and I purchased an I4.

I was treated using the (Mind/Balance) setting, started at base of neck and then worked on trouble areas. A good sweep is mandatory. The pain would seem to jump from left side to right side. You then catch it and sweep it down and out through the feet. You start relaxing with the transducer picking up the broken, stagnated blockages and moving it out through the hands and feet. It is important to do a good sweep after working a specific area. The chiropractor stated I was much easier to adjust after treatment and movement had been facilitated with “CHI-ing” first. A reduction in pain medication occurred as I had relief from the pinched sciatic nerve pain. I never thought there was any hope for the pinched nerves. But the CHI treatments eliminated my pinched nerves to this day. It has been one year since my purchase.

-Bonnie Landsverk (Woodland, WA)

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