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Tooth experience.  Sensitivity to hot and cold disappeared. Pain for first 4 days.

I broke a tooth in the back of my mouth on the bottom row and was in extreme pain.  Not only was one tooth broken, but the one next to it felt loose. I could not chew.  I could not drink anything cold or hot.  Drinking my morning coffee was excruciating.  I applied the CHI Palm on balance to my lower jaw for about 40 minutes along with just holding the CHI Sun in the palm of my hand under the pillow or placing it on various spots on my body it would stay (solar plexus, hip, side).  I did this for about a week.  The first 4 days, though, I experienced a heightened sense of pain.  Then just like that less than two weeks later without the intervention of a dentist, I am pain free and chewing and drinking hot coffee and cold beverages.

Jennifer Olsen – Austin, TX

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