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My daughter, Kelsey McNeely, was born with bad ear problems and the membrane under her tongue went clear to the front of her mouth. She was having trouble with speaking, hearing and chronic ear infections. The doctors said she had lots of inflammation and scar tissue which was blocking drainage of the ears. At age four, in attempt to remedy the problems, she had an adenoidectomy, and had the membrane under her tongue cut to increase its flexibility, and had tubes put in to drain her ears. She continued to get pain every time she cot a common cold or stuffiness. The tubes didn’t help.

Between ages 4 and 8 we lived with frequent ear infections, antibiotics and doctor visits. She lived on antibiotics and soon gained resistance to them. Three or four types all stopped working. She had constant earaches, was going regularly to speech therapy and couldn’t hear the instructors at school, and missed a lot of classes as a result of the ear infections and doctor visits. Marks on her report cards were terrible.

Then at 8, she started using the QGM [Latest Version is CHI Palm] because I was told that it was effective at all sorts of inflammation. She used it twice per day, 15 minutes at a time, sometimes applying it directly to the ear, but mostly using it on the inside of her wrist about two inches from the heel of the hand. She liked that point because, as she applied the QGM to that point, she could feel a pumping on her skin which seemed associated with draining in the ears. Her condition improved significantly within a few days. She continued to use it daily for about 4 months, then dropped to about twice per week, applying it whenever she felt discomfort and continuing for a few days to be sure it stayed away.

Then at 9 years old, a doctor examination showed that she had no significant scarring or swelling. The doctor had said that this swollen inflammation would never go away, but it was gone. She could hear, was free of pain, and her grades had increased dramatically as well. Now she’s the perfect 10-year-old girl.

-Russ McNeely (Mission Viejo, CA)

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