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After reading the review that said that this product was a sham I knew I needed to write my own review. This machine has simply changed who I am in my profession and has changed my outlook on pain/ailments. I am a horse trainer and I was just astonished when a friend brought over her older model [Latest Version is CHI Palm] and used it on my horse. My horse reacted to this machine immediately. He reacted when the machine was placed on parts of his body that I knew were sore spots. I know my horse did not have a placebo effect, that would be absurd. I have been using the machine on my animals ever since.

My mother bought a machine as well. She was having trouble sleeping and having trouble with an ovarian cyst. Without the knowledge of her doctor she used the machine and found out at a later check up that her cyst had shrunk by at least half. Years later my mom still keeps her machine by her bed to help when she is having restless nights.

Another friend of mine had a really bad burn on the bottom of her foot that had gotten infected. She had been on crutches for at least a week when I gave her my machine to use. Within 24 hours she was free of her crutches and her foot started to heal up. I have many many positive stories myself and stories of friends who have borrowed my machine. A sham? I don’t think so. I did have one client who used it who didn’t think it helped her much but from my experiences, if you are out of alignment (need a chiropractic adjustment), which I suspected she was, the good the machine will do is temporary. The machine cannot put your bones back into alignment, you’ll need an adjustment for that then the machine will help all of your sore muscles after.  5 out of 5 stars


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