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After walking on crutches for ten years, I had two hip replacement surgeries in 1997 and 1998. At the same time my 1-1/2 year old granddaughter, who was born with no hip sockets, had 3 surgeries and was in a full body cast for over six months at about the same time. We both used the Infratonic; she one week and me the next. I slept with machine (Balance) and did not need any prescription painkillers or aspirin following surgeries. I’m not sure how her mother used it, either through the cast or on her head and feet.

Both of us healed more quickly than our doctors expected and slept well without pain. With the cast holding her legs in the proper position, Sophia’s body was stimulated to create the proper sockets. I believe the Infratonic helped this process. I now walk almost normally and take my dog on mile long walks. Sophia is now six and runs and plays with other children.”

Rose Marie Licher, Sedona, AZ

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