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Problem: #1: 1999 – tendinitis, cervicobrachial syndrome, exquisite pain in forearms and hands, inability to use hands. #2: October, 2000 – soft tissue injury inner aspect of hip, hyperextended it tripping down stairs. #3: Dec. 03 hand injury, turning fingers backward during fall on sidewalk with brick in expansion joint – partial cut to tendon in middle finger, misdiagnosis of middle and ring fingers – both had been broken (learned 2 months after injury, 1st 5 weeks of which left hand was immobilized while tendon healed). Scar tissue formed on all four fingers, hand was purple, grossly swollen, excruciating pain, range of finger and wrist motion deeply impaired.

Treatment: #1: Infratonic laid next to forearm (10 minutes on low), chiropractic adjustments (in Arizona) 5 days per week for one month (about 6 months into onset of condition), dropped Cellebrex (which wasn’t working after the previous 6 weeks), addition of natural anti-inflammatories, laser accupuncture. I bought my own Infratronic 8 upon return to Chicago area and began seeing a Chicago chiropractor 3 x per week, using Infratronic for 20 minutes on inside of each forearm for 20 minutes 3 x per day, sleeping with it on my stomach two inches below the belly button. After four months of treatment, tendinitis disappeared, forearm pain subsided and I returned to work using a computer.

#2: Chiropractic massage and adjustments, traumeel, natural anti-inflammatories, Infratronic all night on soft tissue injury. Iced during the day 10 minutes per hour. All of this for many months. I burned out the transponder, but it was fixed and back to me in a few days (thank you!). #3: After 5 weeks, I left the hand surgeon who advised me not to use ice or heat but tylenol when I had pain. He and the Emergency Room doctors both missed the broken fingers. My hand was immobilized in a cast that I was told to keep dry for the 5 weeks. I told the doctor when I first saw him that I had been using my Infratronic (almost constantly on low, next to my hand – all day and all night). He stared at me rudely by the way. When I began seeing the Arizona chiropractor again, I was instructed to get adjustments 5 x per week (for the first couple of weeks), laser accupuncture, take natural supplements, use traumeel, ice for 12 minutes 3 x per day, use the Infratronic for 20 minutes each 5 x per day. At night I sleep on my back, my left arm bent and my wrist near my face laying on a pillow – the Infratronic was positioned next to me all night directed at the hand which was still very painful.

In February after my injury suffered a set-back due to another hand surgeon (who discovered the two breaks) prescribed OT (which I did once making my hand purple and swollen again), I stopped the OT and continued chiropractic therapy for another month (until I got a job which demanded a lot of finger movement – I quit the next day). This was a very bad setback. The chiropractor directed in addition to his office therapies that I ice for 5 minutes, put the Infratronic under the palm of my hand next to me while I sat for 10 minutes, put the Infratronic under the ball of each foot for 10 minutes each, 10 minutes between my breasts (to lower anxiety), and repeat until I went to bed. I always slept with the Infratronic all night, but until recently, awoke a lot to rearrange it because of my hand’s sensitivity. I did that for 5 days (taking time out only to drive to the doctor and back). This past month, the pain has subsided enough that I can sleep on my back and rest my hand on top of the Infratronic all night long.

Quality of Life Improvements: #1: My hands wouldn’t work, I had no strength, couldn’t open doors, turn doorknobs, chop vegetables, garden, do or fold laundry, hang up clothes. I went from not being able to work (I was a computer artist), having to get a man’s haircut because I couldn’t style my hair and previously somewhat of a fashionable woman, I now wore pull on pants and slip-on shoes. I could barely take care of myself. I had just moved into a new home when this began and couldn’t unpack the boxes for months. Without the Infratronic, I wouldn’t have gotten my life back. I had gone to 5 western doctors, none of which really gave me a good explanation, and one of them medicated me with Cellebrex which some chiropractors thinks prevents healing. The Infratronic gave me total peaceful relief in my forearms after a few months of therapy. After that, each time I had a problem, I knew that 20 minutes would stop that horrendous deep pain in each arm.

As I got better and better, my attitude changed, I became less depressed and felt that I would get my life back. I was able to get another job, hold a leash for my new dog and do most of the things that I did before. I was so grateful, I told everyone about it (and stil do). #2: During my hip recovery I was blessed to have the Infratronic 8 [Latest Version is CHI Palm]. It was soothing, it made my pain go away and helped me heal. It was a long recovery, but sleeping with the Infratronic is very re-assuring. During recovery, my right leg did a lot of the work, and it was great not to have to be guarded on my movements with my left leg again. I could go running with my dog in the yard – in the snow and not worry that I wouldn’t be strong enough not to hurt myself again. What a blessing!

#3: This is the big one! Quality of life: Wow! My chiropractor and I both think that my hand has improved at least 80% since he took over my therapy. He said and I quote, “Your hand would be a frozen fist if you didn’t have that Infratronic.” The scar tissue that was formed (due to poor therapy specified by both hand surgeons), is remodeling. I can close and open my hand 2/3 of the way. My hand is no longer purple and rarely gets blue. The swelling is 80% down. The pain is manageable. My chiropractor says he expects 100% recovery. I frankly was overwhelmed by this injury and was very despondent about having the use of only one hand for so long. The worry of not ever having my hand return to normal was I think keeping me from being positive about my recovery. The Infratronic is awesome when you put it on your chest. If you are anxious, it will calm you down. Both of my chiropractors think that no one uses an Infratronic as much as I do. They may be right. Thank you for manufacturing this fabulous life-giver. God bless you all.”

Cheryl McCorkle, Scottsdale, AZ

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