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I can’t report yet on the CHI Sun but I have had wonderful results with using CHI Palm, which I bought about 2 years ago.

A friend of mine, acupuncturist, told me about it. I was rehabbing at the time a seriously injured horse. He has had various in juries in his right hind leg (hock and stifle) and was considered by conventional veterinary care ‘lame beyond repair’. So his owner send him to me for rehab or early retirement.

2 years later he is 95% sound, while being ridden regularly. Only if he plays too wildly with his pasture friends, racing around the field with great exuberance, he will occasionally rest his leg for a couple days.

I did treat him also with homeopathic remedies during his recovery but what makes me think that the use of the CHI, 3-4 times a week directly over his hock joint for 15-20min, had a major impact? The horses response! He just loved his treatments. Standing still for so long is otherwise not his cup of tea but with the CHI (wrapped to his leg!) he would stand for as long as I had the patience to do it! I think the CHI treatment had also a profound effect on reducing the swelling around the joint, which he has had for years!

The only issue I have left to work on with him is his anxiety – he still gets stressed very easily. Would be fascinating to see if he would respond to the CHI Sun if ‘applied’ during riding? Maybe I’m still in time to enter the drawing and get lucky!

With great gratitude (also for the benefits I get myself from using the CHI on sore muscles!),

Christina from upstate NY

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