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I personally made extraordinary progress with old adhesions. Twenty-five years ago, I had surgery twice and was in the hospital three and a half months, during which lots of adhesions formed. About twelve years ago, I was doing deep breathing exercises and popped one. It felt like a heart attack.

Since childhood I have had difficulty breathing deeply: But a few weeks ago, while using the Infratonic I was feeling very relaxed and found I could breathe deeply. I breathed very deeply and felt an adhesion pull in my abdomen. The Infratonic released the discomfort. A few hours later, I found I could breathe even more deeply than before, but then felt another adhesion pop near my shoulder. Over the next few days, I continued my deep breathing but took it easy. I felt like an accordion, breathing deeper and deeper as adhesion after adhesion gently released. It was like the Infratonic was dissolving the adhesions so I could break free of old emotional restrictions. Now I can breathe much more deeply and powerfully.

– Jeff Long, Laguna Hills, CA

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