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Horse, contusion and ligament damage to joints when hoof was caught in high fence after horse reared up. A 10 year old gelding who had reared up against the fence during the night had been caught in a strenuous biomechanical situation, made worse by twisting the hindquarters around in a half-circle so that the forelimb was twisted awkwardly in a form of horse jujitsu, and was held in that position for hours. Two days after the incident, the Infratonic was applied to the forelimb, which was swollen, torn, hot and tender to touch.

Initially, the horse was skittish about the unusual vibratory sounds from the Infratonic, which was made one week later. The immediate results of the Infratonic application were reduction in swelling and tenderness, which did not return. As the horse was placed on lead to walk, the hesitancy and limp that had originally been visible was much less apparent. Then, during lunging activities, it was possible to observe the horse self-adjusting to the increased capability of the leg by beginning to place more weight on the leg and by obtaining a more even stride.

Mary Berry, DC, Richland Hills, TX

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