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Condition: Natasha, 2 years old, was not sleeping well, had a congested cough only when sleeping, no fever and generally feeling sluggish. The doctor had prescribed drugs and Mom didn’t wish to give the drugs to her baby and wanted to try something else first.

Treatment: QGM [Latest Version is CHI Palm] 30 minutes, twice per day (Mind). 10 minutes on upper back, 10 minutes on chest, 5 minutes Li:4, 5 minutes on Li:11.

Results: By the 3rd day the symptoms were completely gone and the mother stopped the treatments. I encouraged her to continue the treatments for a few more days but she did not. The following week the symptoms returned although not as bad. We repeated the treatment and also included some herbs and within 2 days the problem was gone and did not return.

Jeff St. Onge, San Diego, CA

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