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Retracing discomfort from Atlas, C-21 & G-3, out since August 1994 when I went on amusement park ride. Started upper cervical chiropractic November 2000. Remarkable treatment to cure whole body. Adjustments sometimes held, sometimes went out. I started using Infratonic 8 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] May 0f 2002. I use it several hours per day on neck, shoulder, and head area. (Mind) End with (Spirit). Chiropractor performed nerve interference graph test. All clear. Checked leg length, muscle challenges. All clear May 9th, 2002.

Visits to chiropractor will be cut. Saving money. Adjustments are holding. Pain is gone. Dizziness/fatigue is cut but still there. Energy is restored after I use the machine. Abdominal organs are “happy”; they gurgle when I place the transducer on crown of head, back of neck, pineal gland, and bottoms of feet.

Jane Humphries, Yucca Valley, CA

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