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A few stories may excite your interest: My son’s in-laws have a small dog that was kicked by a horse and broke it’s neck and was completely paralyzed. The vet wanted to put it to sleep right then, but I remembered an article I had read about the use of the Infratonic on paralysis victims in China, so we persuaded them to give it a try. It was given the treatment three times per week for ten minutes per treatment and within two weeks the dog walked; and in four it was jumping up on the couch. It does not even have a limp after two months.

We are getting spectacular results with fresh sprained ankles, knees, etc.. A woman with a very bad Baker’s Cyst that she had had for many years, was given treatment and within two weeks it was half its previous size and getting softer each day. Again, we used the Infratonic only three times per week for ten minutes each. Also, today was the third treatment we have given a stroke victim in as many weeks and he seems to believe he’s walking and using his arms much better. The restoration of energy or life force with the body is a plus for many of our patients that we are using it on.

Dr. William L. Bell, Marion, NC

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